Nepal - 2013

- Painted a school fence.

- Delivered 15 bags of donations including $600 worth of school supplies

to the Wolfgang-Linke Kindergarten and MINCO orphanage

- Bought 6 goats, which provide an annual income for 6 families.

- Volunteered at the MINCO orphanage.

-  In April of 2015, OTW raised over $4500 for Nepal Earthquake Relief. The

money raised helped with the reconstruction of the MINCO orphanage and

a donation was made to Himalayan Relief.  

United States - 2014

- Helped rebuild a house destroyed by Hurricane Katrina with Habitat for Humanity

- Brought 3 large boxes of toys to Children's Hospital of Alabama.

Costa Rica - 2015

- Volunteered with and learned from the ecologically and sustainability-focused indigenous tribe, Bribri.

- Helped build an aqueduct to improve water flow.

- Helped build a community soccer field.

- Delivered 7 suitcases of donations to an orphanage.

- Delivered $150 worth of school supplies to an orphanage. 

Canada & Alaska - 2016

- Built 4 picnic tables for local school and community use.

- Volunteered on National Aboriginal Day to help with set up, festivities, kids' activities, and clean up.

- Presented and shared OTW documentary at four town locations including a community theater for the general public, Smithers Senior Secondary school, a local college and at the iCount school on the First Nations' reservation in Morricetown, BC.

- Donated $250 to Smithers Rotary Club.

- Donated $250 to St. Joseph's school.

Nepal & India - 2017

- Stayed with the Chepang whose village was destroyed by the earthquake in 2015 and donated paint and school supplies.

- Primed and painted the Chepang school and the window frames of the recently rebuilt homes.

- Visited several orphanages, the Nepal Disabled Association, and Clinic Nepal

- Primed, sanded, and painted the perimeter wall around another school. 

Marin County - Our Community
- Donated $750 in books and approximately $925 cash from an OTW event to the local 
Short School and Youth on the Move programs.

- Donated $300 of gift wrapping money to Young Moms Marin.

- Donated $500 in books to Girls Stepping Up For Change and Young Moms Marin
- Volunteered at various local Marin and San Francisco organizations such as 
Marin County ParksThe Cedars of MarinHomeward Bound, Marin Audubon Society, Glide Memorial,Mill Street Center, St. Vincent de Paul’s, Youth Service Team (YST), Canal Alliance, and San Francisco Food Bank.
- OTW delivered donations from Barnes & Noble and their generous customers to 15 different organizations, groups and non-profits within Marin County who specifically work with and support youth at risk.
- Established a $250 OTW scholarship in honor and memory of Joanne Jackson.

- Donated $200 to Marin Hunger Walk.

- Supported two families through Adopt-a-Family during the holidays.

eXPLORING AND HELPING communities at home and abroad

OTW Crowdfunding Campaign

"We rise by lifting others."

                     -Robert Ingersoll