For over twenty years, Jeannine's dream was to take young adults who have overcome or are in the process of overcoming adversity in their lives on volunteer-educational trips. Growing up, Jeannine was faced with her own significant life challenges. 

Fortunately, she figured out how 

to travel and that shaped and 

altered her life choices forever. 

Since then, Jeannine has had an unrelenting desire to help others with similar circumstances experience the world. In order to make these trips happen, she is supported by a group of professionals that work with youth at risk in Marin County and an amazing Advisory Council.  


Donate Now

​​-Organize and support a yearly trip in the United States or abroad for young adults who have experienced significant challenges in their lives. These challenges include tremendous adversity such as poverty, educational challenges, 

substance abuse and or lack of family support. 

-Provide participants with education about places that are visited including history, cultural background and language. Invite guest speakers to provide direct information about safety, culture, customs.

-Promote social and community consciousness by incorporating monthly volunteer work within the Bay Area. A portion of each trip will focus on volunteering in the communities we visit. 

How we started

Empower and expose at risk young adults or transitional age youth (18-25) to a world outside of their own through volunteer and cultural experiences in their community and abroad. 


Opening The World (OTW)* was founded in January 2012 by Jeannine Curley, MFT (#53773). 

* OTW is a California-based program, which operates through their fiscal agent, Bay Area Community Resources (BACR). BACR is a non-profit agency. 

OTW embraces the notion that world travel and community service for young people is at the core of a paradigm shift in how we view the relationships among the members of our community and the world at large. More than just preparing young people for a place in the changing global economy, OTW grooms young activists, community organizers and change agents who, through compassion and service, will build bridges across the divide of our global community.         

OUR Mission