The Opening the World (OTW) program, fiscally sponsored by the non-profit organization, Bay Area Community Resources (BACR), was founded in 2012 by Marriage and Family Therapist, Jeannine Curley.

For over twenty years, Jeannine's dream was to take young adults struggling with adversity on volunteer-educational trips. Growing up in rural Canada, Jeannine faced her own life challenges and travel became her savior. Exposure to other cultures and human suffering altered her perspective and life-choices forever. As a result, Jeannine had an unrelenting desire to help young people from similar circumstances find community, feel supported, experience the world, and impact the lives of others who suffer. 

​To make OTW possible, the program organizes fundraisers, receives donations from local community members, and is supported by a group of professionals who work with at-risk youth in Marin County and an amazing Advisory Council.  

OTW is an annual, voluntary program (not court-mandated) that provides a safe and supportive environment for participants to share their experiences and be motivated and mentored by peers. 

Many alumni choose to continue participating by taking on leadership roles within the program. 

The OTW program year runs from October through June/July and includes:

•  Monthly community service work 

•  Bonding and cultural activities

•  Planning meetings for community activities, fundraising events, and travel

•  Fundraising events

•  Exposure to possible vocational interests through fundraising, volunteer activities and guest speakers 

•  Life, leadership and vocational skills development through practice and by participating in new activities

•  Personal development retreats

•  Educational classes

•  A community service trip (optional)

One of OTW’s goals is to bridge racial, cultural and socio-economic divides by exposing populations that may not have otherwise interacted, due to isolation and/or marginalization, to each other. OTW youth are exposed to:

•  Communities that are less fortunate locally, nationally, and internationally

•  Younger at-risk youth in the county

•  Other helping organizations

•  Professionals from varying ethnic, racial and socio-economic backgrounds who help educate, mentor and support participants

Although OTW participants and volunteers may come from different backgrounds and/or cultures, they find common ground and a second family with each other.

All of these experiences and OTW activities work to increase participants’ self-confidence, self-sufficiency, and feelings of self-worth which, in turn, help reduce mental health issues, recidivism, and substance abuse rates.

OTW believes that local and global community service for young people shifts how we view the relationships among the members of our community and the world at large. More than just preparing young people for a place in the changing global economy, OTW grooms young activists, community organizers and change agents who, through compassion and service, will themselves heal and build bridges across the divide of our global community. OTW core beliefs include:

•   By helping others, we help and heal ourselves.

•   A diverse, supportive community ​is the antidote to isolation, racism, and marginalization.

•   Real growth occurs outside of our comfort zones.

•   Our past does not dictate our future.

•   It is never too late to be a good human being.

•   Failures are part of the journey. We only truly fail when we stop trying​.

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Our mission is to empower and expose at-risk young adults or transitional age youth (16-25) to a world beyond their own through volunteer, leadership, educational, therapeutic and cultural experiences within their communities and abroad.