Nepal - 2013

  • Painted a school fence.
  • Delivered 15 bags of donations including $600 worth of school supplies to the Wolfgang-Linke Kindergarten and MINCO orphanage
  • Bought 6 goats, which provide an annual income for 6 families.
  • Volunteered at the MINCO orphanage.
  • In April of 2015, OTW raised over $4500 for Nepal Earthquake Relief. The money raised helped with the reconstruction of the MINCO orphanage and a donation was made to Himalayan Relief.  

​United States - 2014

eXPLORING AND HELPING communities at home and abroad

Costa Rica - 2015

  • Volunteered with and learned from the ecologically and sustainability-focused indigenous tribe, Bribri.
  • Helped build an aqueduct to improve water flow and a community soccer field.
  • Delivered 7 suitcases of donations and $150 worth of school supplies to an orphanage. 

Canada & Alaska - 2016

  • Built 4 picnic tables for local school and community use.
  • Volunteered on National Aboriginal Day to help with set up, festivities, kids' activities, and clean up.
  • Presented and shared OTW documentary at four town locations including a community theater for the general public, Smithers Senior Secondary school, a local college and at the iCount school on the First Nations' reservation in Morricetown, BC.
  • Donated $250 to Smithers Rotary Club and $250 to St. Joseph's school.

Nepal & India - 2017

  • Stayed with the Chepang whose village was destroyed by the earthquake in 2015 and donated paint and school supplies.
  • Primed and painted the Chepang school and the window frames of the recently rebuilt homes. 
  • Visited several orphanages, the Nepal Disabled Association, and Clinic Nepal
  • Primed, sanded, and painted the perimeter wall around another school. 

Marin County - Our Community

"We rise by lifting others."

                     -Robert Ingersoll

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